Yo mama is something people say when they have already used all the other comebacks.

An unfunny way to end something funny.
Yo mammas so fat when she sat on a dollar bill, George Washington sang,"Oh say can you see, get your fat ass of me!"

Well, yo mamma so stupid, shes dumb!
by your mom March 04, 2005
Yo Mama is used to insult people. The syntax is Yo mama so Something that Something Something!
Yo mama so fat she jumped in the pool and all the water jumped out!
by Razerboy January 06, 2005
interjection - a phrase used by 6th graders who have nothing better to say

noun - an otherwise nameless entity that is fat, stupid, ugly, and many other negative adjectives.
Person: You suck.
6th grader with nothing better to say: Yo mama!

Yo mama is fat, stupid, and ugly.
by alex_person April 14, 2004
Yo mamma refers to your mom which can be used as:
1.n. your mom
2.v. to wip or hurt as if your mom did
1. Man your mom was good last night.
2. I will yo momma your ass so lay off my daddys dick!
by Dickfuckfuckface November 11, 2003
yo mama so thick, she climbed over a mesh fence to see wots on the other side

yo mama so thick she got knocked over by a parked car
ur mom
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
An individual (99.7% female) who is fantastically obese, unintelligable, or unappealing to one's vision. This individual may be large/stupid enough to believe that a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) is a beeper.
Yo mama's so fat, she thoughtsic a quarterback was a refund.
by dolla dolla May 30, 2004
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