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1) A group of jokes meant to criticize one's mother by saying that she is fat, ugly, stupid, etc.

2) A lame phrase someone I know keeps saying whenever I ask him a question about PE because he has it before me.
1) Yo mama so ugly people watch her during horror movies.

2) Me: Hey, what are we doing in Pe today?

Him: Yo Mama!

Me: Shut the f up.
by army_azn December 09, 2004
An individual (99.7% female) who is fantastically obese, unintelligable, or unappealing to one's vision. This individual may be large/stupid enough to believe that a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) is a beeper.
Yo mama's so fat, she thoughtsic a quarterback was a refund.
by dolla dolla May 30, 2004
some pussy yankee joke that aye even funny, and they too coward to say yo dada, cause they know you beat the shit out of em if they did.
yo mama,
yes i'm his mom your takin about and I'll beat the shit out you.
by paul hinton May 15, 2006
she may be...

and whatever else you can think of!
yo mama is (insert any above word of your choice)!
by wakalakalover45 March 23, 2005
where she get that ass from, she get it from here mama
where she learn how to dress from she get it from her mama
Her mama got ass too
by Gangsta June 28, 2003
What's hanging down my balls.
My balls are enormous.
by sukebe January 27, 2004
...is so fat, she is very self conscious about the way she appears in public
lolol yo mama
by brahm2 September 28, 2003
my bitch
i did yo' mama and she was goooood doog
by Jack May 10, 2004