skating term at the skate park
when someone performs a good trick on a skate board, bmx or blades, everyone shouts Yo, out of respect
by emma louisa September 14, 2007
Means...i have no idea. sumthin ppl say 2 sound like their tha shit.
Travis says -YO- after like every word he says. it can b so annoying
by Carmen has big tits December 11, 2004
"Yo" a slang term meaning "Hello" derived from Little Black Kids from the South Central Part of L.A.
Used as a greeting or to attract someones attention
"Yo foo, wassup"
by Steven Beaner March 20, 2004
a contraction o the word "you", used and repeated several times in almost all the conversations that people makes now a days, and is usephul to stupid motherfuckers when they don´t know how to start or vinish a sentence. This fucking little word can start and finish the same sentence at the same time.
yo,(thinks for a while), I´m gonna butfuck yo up twice,(thinks for a while)YO!
by Mely December 17, 2003
'stupid' for almost everything
yo, yo. yo yo yo.
by yo December 22, 2003
Hey, wanna do a line of yo?
by i October 27, 2003
A pronoun used in reference to oneself (synonym- me)
You wanna know who broke your window?
by *subject name here* January 11, 2008

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