a word that can be annoyingly placed in any sentence starting with black guys stolen by white guys the usual can be placed anywhere in a sentence but doesn't really make mauch sense at all
1.yo yo errrrrrr yo
2.sup yo
£.fuck ya'll yo
by rahzell smokespot July 04, 2003
When a person does something stupid, illegal, silly, or just plain funny.
Also when something happens.
"Oh, she is such a Yoes"
"Oh, that is just so Yoes"
by joeybum April 25, 2009
the other half of u... when someone puts the two together they get "you" ... ohh my god would u look at that... yo + u = you!!! whodda thunk it???
hey yo i cant spell u properly (you)
by candy March 26, 2004
P1: You ready?
p2: Yo!
by louis October 23, 2001
How retards greet eachother.
Retard: Yo, sup niggaz11!
Retard2: Yo, i b smokin dem drugz
by bleh June 03, 2005
skating term at the skate park
when someone performs a good trick on a skate board, bmx or blades, everyone shouts Yo, out of respect
by emma louisa September 14, 2007
Means...i have no idea. sumthin ppl say 2 sound like their tha shit.
Travis says -YO- after like every word he says. it can b so annoying
by Carmen has big tits December 11, 2004
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