The way white people who think they are gangsta say "hello"
yo man, sup?
by Rob February 06, 2004
The only word in the english language that can be exanged for ANY other word.
What yo yoin 'bout yo?
by The Mofos October 15, 2003
..... A non racial slang word for "gangsta's"
yo's are stupid.= that wigger/thug/... looks like a fucking moron.

so much nicer don't ya think?
by Annie October 13, 2003
a word that can be annoyingly placed in any sentence starting with black guys stolen by white guys the usual can be placed anywhere in a sentence but doesn't really make mauch sense at all
1.yo yo errrrrrr yo
2.sup yo
£.fuck ya'll yo
by rahzell smokespot July 04, 2003
When a person does something stupid, illegal, silly, or just plain funny.
Also when something happens.
"Oh, she is such a Yoes"
"Oh, that is just so Yoes"
by joeybum April 25, 2009
the other half of u... when someone puts the two together they get "you" ... ohh my god would u look at that... yo + u = you!!! whodda thunk it???
hey yo i cant spell u properly (you)
by candy March 26, 2004
P1: You ready?
p2: Yo!
by louis October 23, 2001

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