A noun of reference to someone, usauly refering to males. Also meaning "he", "his", or "him".
Yo, come hear for a second.
Yo said he got banked yesterday.
by Al January 17, 2003
A racially-charged term used by older white Baltimore natives for young black men. Its origins possibly come from the greeting "yo" that said white Baltimore natives ascribe to blacks. Frequently heard in TV and media set in Baltimore such as the TV shows "Homicide," "The Corner" and "The Wire."
Some fuckin' yo was blasting that shitty rap music all night - I didn't sleep a wink
by thewirefan21 June 15, 2011
a word highly overused by science and engineering kids. generally used at both the beginning and end of a sentence.

see also dude
dude, yo, what was the calculus homework, yo?

yo, that was one easy test, yo, i think i yo aced it.
by dkljhgfakjfglhkjgl October 06, 2009
How faggot gansters decide they wanna talk so they can be like all there other faggot ganster friends
Yo homie, fo-rizzle my nizzle shizzle dawg west side!!!!
by NickP573@aol.com June 17, 2007
the suffix of yayo, it denotes the same thing as yay, or cocaine.
duuuuddde lets get some more yo!!!!
by Scottnn November 12, 2006
The mix between yes and no aka Maybe
person 1: Have you finished eating yet?
person 2: uhhhh yo...
person 1: Moose...
by "the guy" March 16, 2005
1.Yo is used the all purpose word. It is used extremely incorrectly in suberbien areas. In citys (for example new york) generally followed by a formal grasping of the hands by entwineing the digit formally reffered to as 'the thumb'. DO this so the palms do not touch so it does not seem gay. Then followed by a chest bump. Then sometimes drugs or money are passed coat to coat.
"yo man"
"i havent seen u in a while"
'ive been busy'
"yo i gotta go
by white boy hud February 16, 2005

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