a word that cool people use, mostly gangstas.
most people with the name joey dont use it because they are not gangstas, they are nerds.
joey: yo pimp!
gangsta: w0w, dude n3v3r @ga!n
by angelina g August 20, 2008
a word frequently used by people haha..put it in the beginning of a sentence..it works..the end..it works..so use up yo, yo!
ey yo! waaazzzaaaap????!
yo mama so poor her boobs are real! lmfao
by Jezzy Fizzle April 09, 2008
Another word for cool, tight, fresh, awesome, ect.
Hey Bert, did you see that ride? Man that was yo!
by CIreland November 14, 2007
a word that people seem to use too much, like the cavemen used UG!
Yo bitch

yo yo yo homie
by Paff July 14, 2006
Means to say "Hey" or "Hi"
Friend: Hey John
Jon: Yo, homie!
by Sprinkle May 26, 2006
A term of woe exclamated by a dyslexic Jew oye oye vey
NOT in the sense of street ghetto Yo
"Yo my goiter is acting up"
by Uncle Tom March 22, 2005
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