Means to say "Hey" or "Hi"
Friend: Hey John
Jon: Yo, homie!
by Sprinkle May 26, 2006
A term of woe exclamated by a dyslexic Jew oye oye vey
NOT in the sense of street ghetto Yo
"Yo my goiter is acting up"
by Uncle Tom March 22, 2005
an expression of inexpression. Used in the place of a word you dont know.
Hand me those yo's over there.

I was like yo.

Its like a long shirt with yo's that are like yo colored.

How are you? Im yo,... yo.
by katttttttieeeeeee March 19, 2005
Term invented in my great bx orignal meaning was an abreviation of the phrase "you overhere" used to call ones attention to the word latter branched into other useage
Yo mijo when you gonna be rollin to the cine
by Frank November 24, 2004
slang term for the euro;
Fuckin' 5-O caught me jumping the turnstyle...shit put me out 40 yo.
by Pêches November 05, 2003
a white suburban kid who thinks he is under the misconception that he is "gangsta"
Look at that white kid with the do-rag and fubu on....what a fucking yo.
by Billy Bob October 30, 2003
abreviation for yayo; slang for cocain.
what's up with the yo.
by cryptonight September 26, 2003

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