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yer mum basically. That's about it really. Need a few more words to fill this thing in.... hmm. Will that do the trick?
Yo mama told me she don't know HOOOO yo daddy woa-wwwwwwwz!
by Arthur Atkinson February 10, 2005
aka ya muva
ya muva eagle man
by Yoshi February 25, 2004
One's mother, typically used as an insult, or a half assed answer to a question.
yo mama so stupid, she went to go buy a porn, and came back with a video head cleaner.
Q: what is the average population density of the united states?
A: Yo' mama!
by O. G. cripple D loc November 05, 2003
your mother
yo mama's a llama
by sTeALtH September 11, 2003
Someone who is so stupid that she got killed before she started existing.
Yo mama's so stupid, she got stabbed in a shootout.
by dj gs68 August 23, 2003
YO Mama is an instult to your mama uh dee dee dee,I suggest that you watch Carlos Mencia too figure out what that means
Yo mama is so fat that when she went on a diet it looked like she had a toga on(burn bish)
by John Roy October 14, 2006
a diragatory term to describe one's opponent's mother.
yo mama is so fat she was wearing a yellow shirt and jumping on a trampoline and she went up really high and then sun started singing "We are family".
by stephanie nelli October 12, 2005