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Short for "you know what I'm sayin'." Pronounced "ya kweese." Can be lengthened for effect. "ya kwEEEEEEESE." Not an internet acronym, but a truncated verbal form of "you know what I'm sayin'."

Correct response to 'ykwis' is not 'ikwis (I know what ya sayin') but another 'ykwis.'
"Damn, that bitch couldn't keep her mouth shut in class, ykwis ?"

Bob: "She can unfold my chair anytime, yaaaaaaaaa kwiiisss?"
Manfred: "ykwissssssssssssssss!"
by The Mroot August 23, 2009
I saw the Knicks totally bomb last night!

by Poopsie88 February 04, 2012
Ya know what I'm sayin???
i can't be bothered typing all this out YKWIS
by Woots Up November 02, 2005
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