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Fine looking bitches.

Can also be known as "yitch", a single bad bitch.
Person 1: Bad yitches incoming twelve o' clock.

Person 2: Are you an idiot? Theres only one. Bad yitch incoming.

Person 1: Oh you righhhttttt.
by Ray2Saucy January 06, 2013
basically a bitch but with a Y. its not quite offensive to the females but gets your point across.
AYYY YITCH give me some knowledge (head)!!!
by lina lumps February 19, 2008
fine ass looking honeys
there were hella yitches at the mall today.
by marchu fields July 03, 2003
Subsitute word for something you don't want to say infront of others. Also meaning something or someone is cool.
" Your yitch is inside out "
" That girl is the opposite of Yitch "
by Magee Secondary Students April 17, 2009