cannot be put into words
yingjie, why are you late for class again? yingjie, why did you file your homework? yingjie, answer this question.
by king-of-kayos September 11, 2003
only expletive in the dictionary that you will be jailed for 10 decades if caught speaking it to someone else, other than to you-know-who.
The suspect is found guilty to have said the word "<insert word>" for more than 10 times in his life. In order to remove himself from 0.01% of his sin now, he has to die a terrible death!
by will get jailed if caught saying September 25, 2003
Rare species of virus. Although viruses are smaller than even 1 micrometer, Yingjie is the only virus that is visible by the naked eye. It is more than 1 metre long.
Reports from the Microsoft company shows that most workers agree in the quaratine of Yingjie so that their network of computers would not be affected by the deadly disease.

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