A new viral dance that started on Facebook.com. It is done to the dance rednose by Sage the Gemini. It usually consists of a boy and girl, but can be done with girl on girl. The dance is like having sex but with clothes on. the girl swivels her hips and ass on the Guys or girls pelvis. The guy or girl leading the dance grabs the girls hips and controls the hip movement in some cases. Look up The Yike on youtube if you need visuals. Its similar to twerking but on someone.
by jassybtwerkingandyikingitup June 18, 2013
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a term used to show shock or extreme surprise.
Yikes! That sure scared me!
by Kim (Matt's Girlfriend) August 16, 2003
used instead of shit or in a manner that denotes a slight disgust.
1."i almost got fired today.."

2.(girl walkes by with really tight, ugly pants)
by jilldo December 28, 2003
something you shout when you overhear something drastic
girlfriend: honey do you know whens my birthday? boyfriend: i forgot random guy: yikes!
by jonathan92c March 16, 2008
Yiken is a mixture of twerking and grinding which is done with 2 people (usually a boy and girl or girl and girl). It was first seen in Sage the Geminis music video Rednose if you want to see it just basically search "yike", "yiken", or "yiking" on youtube.
Damn girl you got a nice ass and bod you know how to yike?
by cbisdabae February 17, 2014
technical term for spazmatic raptor

tends to scurry around discount stores
YIKES! be careful, shes in the next aisle!
by sister of the JERK February 01, 2011
Another word for penis
I know why you are acting so shitty, You want that yike but you dont know how to ask for it.
by Un10nCarb1d4 May 07, 2009

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