You Get Me?
I'm going out again with her tonight, ygm?
by mynameisnotbeingusedbysomeone September 01, 2008
Top Definition
a shortened/slang word for 'you get me'
eg. ygm blud?
by 3catttt May 23, 2009
A "You've Got Mail" aka an e-mail - used in a method similar to when one says "I'll give you a ring."
Rafiki: "I'll give you an ygm sometime and let you know all about it."
Boringname: "Aight."
by Bill Mauder July 09, 2004
a abreviation of "you get me"
travis says: your a whore
eloise says: what?
travis says: YGM?
by eloise davdison October 10, 2009
Stands for Yung Ghost Mob and its A small Gang all across Bay Area and down south Cal
YGM is the shit
by 400Boy15 October 13, 2015
This term, which can be used in a method similar to saying you'll give somebody a ring, can also be used as a verb, such as to ygm someone, and it basically just means to e-mail someone. In the noun form, it means an e-mail. I first heard this phrase from iits inventor and my friend, Eric Miller.
John: Hey, I've got to go, but give me an ygm sometime and we can talk some more.
Alan: Okay, John, I'll ygm you sometime tonight.
John: Aight
by Nicole Lirlem July 24, 2004
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