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cute, funny, random, short, skinny, good friend, cheerleader, pretty, awkward, and unique.
by judykwonx3 October 23, 2010
Weird asian girl. Knows how to do a black flip.
Yewon is weird." "Yeah, what a harcore asian.
by whydoyouwanttoknowwhoiam? June 07, 2011
Originating from Korea, Ye Won is quite an odd creature. The Ye Won's of this world are known to be emanating pig-like sounds and tend to physical exercise with Miss Bootylicious (See Danyell). Also FAILS ALL HER CLASSES!
Danyell: Hey, it's Ye Won!
Ashlee: No, that's a pig.
Danyell: Oh. Well, it sounded like Ye Won.
by Danyell [Disaster] January 15, 2009

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