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yood, acronym (Yuppie Enamored With Detroit) - a person, couple or family that is a young upwardly mobile professional (a "yuppie") that is enamored with the City of Detroit. These individuals generally live in the suburbs of metro Detroit, as most yuppies are unwilling to actually live in the city. Some reside in the city but maintain legal residence in the suburbs in order to avoid city taxes or increased car insurance costs. While more mainstream or less Detroit centric suburbanites only patronize the City's more well known establishments (Redwings, Tigers, Hard Rock Cafe, Hockey Town), Yewds generally enjoy more progressive or slightly less well known establishments (Eastern Market, Avalon Bread, the DIA, Belle Isle).
One Detroit hipster to another "Dude, there was nothing but Yewds at this year's tour Detroit bike race - I think they are gentrifying corktown."

Other hipster's response "Yeah, there was nothing but strollers and Subarus everywhere."
by derbyroller April 17, 2010