the act of jizzing on someones face then shaving your pubic hair and throwing it on him or her, thus creating the look of a yetti.
hey babe, how bout you and me have a night on the town and later ill give you a yetti.
by pimp daddy johnson July 09, 2010
Yetti, not to be confused with Yeti, the big white thing that eats skiers, means someone who is a computer geek or is looked upon as geeky by others.
It was invented by a group of college kids several years ago so they could make a joke of a kid without him being able to retaliate with some geeky answer
Person 1 "Wow I just got the top score on Time Crisis 3"
Person 2 "You are such a yetti"
by BenTheYetti December 02, 2004
george strizak
my coach for basketball was a yetti
by poopsex4liph July 12, 2003
dickhead in other words
ya fuckin yetti
by rachel May 09, 2003
The Deffinition to "Yetti" Is...

I am the Yetti.
by Yetti June 22, 2004
a gay jewish black dude.
the yetti planned an attack against the clan.
by b November 10, 2003

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