A male co-worker, usually 5'10" - 6' whom you've never heard talk. Having an expressionless face, they appear and disappear through the day without warning. They usually work late nights at supermarkets stocking shelves.
"Dude, I've never heard that new guy talk! He's such a yeti!"
by Justone May 13, 2005
A whore that uses the concept of "love" as a tool to make fools of her victims before becoming bored and moving to another. May use a victim to invoke rage and jealousy in a previous victim.
David - The bitch used me, after I spent all that time loving her, and then made bullshit excuses to leave. When I asked her if she was just doing it to fuck around, all she could do was shout "fuck you" all nervous!

Travis - What a Yeti!
by --Octo-- May 23, 2008
A female RPG player. Everybody has heard about them, but noone ever saw them.
Can't submit an example, never seen a yeti before.
by Taris March 21, 2005
A girl (fugly mind you) who is extremely abundant is hair. Whether it be facial armpit or a all over type of deal. This phrase should only be used if the female is a 100% cunt (there are exceptions)
"You know that girl Rose, she's a goddamn Yeti!!!"
by Fernando G. March 24, 2005
A grotesquely large man who thinks that he is well hung. Often times this creature is quite hairy and eats constantly (see over fed)
We call this guy at work yeti because he is so large.
by Tangy April 01, 2003
A female(ugly) who is abundant in the area of hair. Whether it be facial, armpit or a all over type of deal.
That girl RoseMary, she is a goddamn yeti!!!
by Fernando G April 05, 2005
A message board poster that specializes in low level harrassment posts. Also likes the "hit and run" posting. Fond of the word "monkey".
Monkeyman 22 was mocking me on the CF message board a week ago. I hammered him, but he never came back. Fuckin Yeti.
by John October 09, 2004

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