Slang Manx term for the calling of a friend or acquaintance.
Alright, yessir?

How the hell are you, yessir?
by Spidey July 02, 2003
Top Definition
hell yes, fuck yeah, you know it no doubt; thats a dumb question
Q. Hey dude, are you gonna score tonight or what?
A. Yessir!
by DooKiecaRot September 27, 2003
a compound form of the words "yes sir" the term yessir is a form of agreement
D'Shawn: We gon hit up the strip club tomorrow?
Reggie: Yessir
by Jonah 27 April 07, 2006
A slang word whick Manx people( From the Isle Of Man) use
a man see's one of his mates and says alright yessir.
by Danny a.k.a Manx fat boy January 06, 2008
The same thing as yes mam, except you mainly use it for bossy moms, sisters, and teachers
Sister: Hey Sean, go to sleep now!

Sean: YES SIR!
by YESMAM September 20, 2007
Means yes sir; used when replying quickly and assuringly to a person usually in a online game.
man 1: hey Tier, is this the way to barbarian outpost?

man 2: yessir.
by tier na nog December 12, 2008
A hairline receding from its normal spot.
Mr.BigChinBrandon:Look my cheap ass taporr ay

Mr.BigDaddyCane:Ahaha, you got a yessir hairline ay.

TheScavenger:This nigguh got a yessir!

Antwon:Wats up guys.

TheScavenger:Ahahahhaah! this nigguh got a vageta hairline tho.
by Mr.DaddyKane January 09, 2010
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