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The meaning of an awesome, beautiful, and amazing person who really loves her one and only who can be searched for as Luis.
A Yessenia can be a hyper active short black haired child who makes people laugh. If you dislike her..well..your no diffrent thanmost people. A Yessenia also is fond of Misanthropy because she feels that way.
a) wow! Yessenia is so pretty! and look at her..she completley loves her Luis.
b) hahahaha..that Yessenia is funny!
by YR&LC September 18, 2011
This defenition is used for a cool, volumptuious, fine kitty-cat who gets all the men, but is honorable to just one. This background comes from mid-eighteenth century in southern new york and traveled downward during the century to where it reached Cuba and is now mainly used in southern Florida.
" That chick is acting like such a yessenia. WOW! I don't want her, I want a bitch!!"
by Juan January 09, 2005
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