Meaning Salvation in Hebrew. Commonly replaced with Jesus, which is a greek form on the Messiah's name.

Yeshua was not called Yashuah, as some think, because the Seraphim did not tell Miriam that his name was Yahshua(Yahweh is our Salvation), but rather Yeshua (Salvation).
"And you shall call him SALVATION."
Yeshua, my sweet Lord.
by Mango April 09, 2005
A variant of the Hebrew name, Joshua, literally means "salvation" in Hebrew. Often claimed to be the original name of the fictional character "Jesus", who members of the various Christian sects revere as their man-god or Messiah, "Christ" being a literal Greek translation of the Hebrew "mashiaH", meaning the "annointed one" (literally--smeared with with oil). In the present day, some of those same Christian sects use the Hebrew variant of the name Yeshua, often in a deliberate attempt to mislead, cozen and convert Jews who don't know any better away from their ancestral faith and culture by portraying the fictional Yeshua (aka "Jesus")as a legitimate Jewish messiah and/or "god". This is a distortion of Jewish beliefs and practices.

The "Jews for Jesus" claim a Jew ain't complete until he finds "Yeshua" --although educated Jews know better.
by YehudiTsiyyoni December 04, 2006
simply a jewish form of joshua
" fuck you yesh. "
by rs crew January 01, 2004

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