scottish slang for "your mother", usually used as an insult
Guy 1: man, your gay
Guy 2: So's yer maw

Yer maw's so old she co-wrote the ten commandments
by Gregor123456789 August 05, 2008
glaswegian slong for 'your mum'
used for any comeback
jambo: mate, yer heavy gay
wullie: yer maw didny say that

jambo: mate, yer heavy gay
wullie: yer maws heavy gay

jambo: am gonny smash you
wullie: a sha*ged yer maw
by Jonny? March 03, 2008
a glaswegian term used to imply that one has had intercourse with anothers mother. usually a joke
Person 1: that was fun
Person 2: thats what yer-maw said last night
by big sesal February 07, 2007
Common expression used in the Glasgow area about a persons mother.This expression is used when you have no comeback to what has been said to you.

by CRAIGS WEE PENIS September 22, 2009
Your mother:
Scottish adoption of the American insult, i.e. "Yo'mama so fat, Ben Kenobi said, 'Dang! That's no moon.'" Interestingly used in the film Terminator when Lt Traxler responds to Dt. Vuckovich's comment that he 'looks like shit' by simply saying "Yo' mama." The rest of the insult being implied.
Traditionally, during a conversational piece, a lot of Scots will leave the implication to the imagination of the receiver. Thus, many delivered insults are not acknowledged until such times as the receiver recounts what he/she just said or the methadone wears off. On average, many of the sharper Scots will respond with "No, No. That's your Maw that is." Which is a tip-of-the-hat to the popular Baddiel and Skinner sketch.
"It's a bit wet and windy out there."
"Yer Maw!!!"

"I was nearly late for work t'day. God it was tight."
"Yer Maw!!"

"You're shite at that!"
"That's not what yer Maw said last night, when I climbed aff her!"

"You finished with that Kit-Kat?"
"Yeah, I couldn't take another two fingers."
"Mwaaaaa! Yer Maaaw !!"

"It's heavy"
"Yer Maw!"

"The instructions say, 'twist off cap and push up bottom' "
"Har, har. Yer Maw !!"

"Is the weapon cocked?"
"Yer Maw!!"

"It needs serviced."
"Yer Maw!!"

"There was something I was going to do but I've forgotten."
"Yer maw"
...and so on, etc.

In effect, it can be uselessly tagged on to anything, anybody says.

"Yer Maw!"

"It's sore."
"Once again -for those who missed it earlier- Yer Maaaaw !!"
by beanster1 April 29, 2009
A comeback mostly for Scottish people usually meaning "I had sexual intercourse with your mother"
Billy: No bad mate no bad
Gary: No Bad!?! Neithers yer maw!

Danny: That Party wis a beast last night mate!
Craig: Aye yer maws a ride...oh ryt you mean the disco :P
by YerMawsThriller June 21, 2007
used at totally inappropriate times when you cannot think of any other reply or in totally random sentences
1. "You smell!" - "So does yer maw"
2. "Yer maw said no to me last night"
by rhona May 09, 2005

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