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(n.)A medieval term used to describe a naval officer in the English fleet. An important underling on one's ship who assists the captain and his first mate.
It's also the title of the British Queen's bodyguards.
A. Engineering Yeoman Richard Lancombe served on the Lucille, making repairs and maintaining the ship.
B. Doormen at Buckingham Palace are also called yeoman.
by Smkngmgc June 16, 2004
Yeoman is an environmentally aware human being; the word was re coined in the 21rst century. It's a person who is for changing the environment and fighting against global warming.
Dude, he's such a yeoman for using those solar panels
by enviormentalchick April 06, 2011
A name for a Druggy knob who has a random disabilty to smash bottles
omg josh is turning into a total yeomans
by jon lockfeild June 21, 2008
crunchy cheddar flakes in one's pants
give me yeoman for xmas pls
by crust_bucket February 15, 2008

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