1. The coolest motherfucker ever.
2. Someone who whoops a good amount of ass at racing games
V - Damn man, why am I so hated

Xiz - Cause you're not YellowJacket
by Mr.ShortBus June 02, 2011
n. a large plastic ramp-like object laid across a doorway to provide a walking space over cable equipment, such as in a stage set, especially where the amount of cabling makes gaffing impractical (so named for their common colour)
"let's put these cables in yellowjackets across this doorway so we don't get sued."
by voodooelectronics July 19, 2006
One of the best drinks ever created. A blend of Sunny D, Parrot Bay Pineapple Rum and a bit of Sprite, has also become known as liquid candy.
Dude did you have some of Nate's Yellowjacket? That shits like candy!
by hotpapa189 June 20, 2010
yellowjackets across the road, lets dip
by ArabHashMan July 04, 2009
A person of half asian, half european decent
dude heather is a "Yellow Jacket", her mom is white and her dad is japanese
by !@N November 26, 2008
Someone of East Asian and Black or African decent.
Yo dawg, that boy is Asian AND Black! He's a yellowjacket!
by CairoXP March 03, 2007
A jacket that's yellow in color.
They were all wearing yellowjackets.
by buryuntime August 31, 2008

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