Good band, true poppunk. not that fucked up crap ( lagwagon, Rancid).

If u like Happy, nice, Fast and Good music.. THIS is what u want.

(Dont read the Negative crap.. thats what u get when a Slipknot Fan Takes a dump)
-Way Away
-Inside out
-Sure shot
-October Nights
-Everywhere ( M.Branch, this is how it should be done)
by Machil July 07, 2004
A pop punk/rock alternative band from jacksonville Florida.Most reconize them for having a violin in the band, which is sort of uncommon.Yellowcard has released 7 albums (in order from earliest to latest: Midget tossing,Still Standing,Underdog,One for the Kids,Ocean Avenue,Lights and Sounds,Paper Walls)

Yellowcard is one of the more underated bands of today, nobody really takes notice of how good LP is at drumming, or ryan songwriting abilities.

Most people when they think about Yellowcard they most likely will say ''arent they the ones who sang ocean avenue????''mainly because they lost most of there popularity due to leaning towards a more rock sound in there latest albums.

Yellowcard is somewhat unheard of now, but in my opinion are better than they ever were with the new album.
you what ever happened to yellowcard?
me you mean why didnt i turn off the radio and actually look into the band and buy their albums?
by dfox111111 April 27, 2009
to punish someone for a stupid action
He accused them of trying to yellow-card him.
by The Return of Light Joker April 22, 2009
when someone suggests something stupid and they get a punch for it
david suggest it sound like something else, and he got punched (yellowcarded) for it
by Daniel Lamman June 22, 2009
Although I havent heard their earlier albums i have heard their two singles "Ocean Avenue" and "Only One" and have since gotten the album and love it cuz they freakin rock.And anybody that says u cant be a yellowcard fan just cuz u havent gotten their first albums can go screw themselves cuz thats the most action they will get in a while.

People that think Yellowcard sucks can also go fuck themselves.

They are rock.Not punk or emo or gothic just rock.
Yellowcard is freakin awesome.
by sk8ergrl January 02, 2006
An expression used to indicate that another's statement or action is disgusting or shockingly crude. Can be used with fairly minor statements, but should not be overused. This expresses a lesser degree of shock or disgust that a red card.
"I know she's on the rag, but I need to get some real bad."
"Yellow card, man, gross!"
by Ben December 28, 2004
An awesome punk band!
I've liked Yellocard for a long time, before Ocean Avenue came out.
by Me June 24, 2004
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