n.- A very good wine imported from Australia. Also, an attractive light-skinned black woman. Cases in point Tisha Campbell, LisaRaye McCoy, and Raven Symone.
Yellow Tail is not a pause. It's light-skinned eve with a fat ass.
by God's Made Man September 24, 2010
Top Definition

1. A generally attractive asian female, often when looked upon as a sex object.
2. An asian woman's ass or vagina.
3. A fish commonly found in sushi.
"I don't know 'bout you but I'm lookin' at some fine yellow tail in that souped up economy car."

"You go to Cal, you ain't ever gonna run out of yellow tail."

"Plenty of fish in the sea, not to mention yellow tail."
by antiggyton January 03, 2006
1 a beautiful woman of asian descent

2 a woman of asian descent appearing to have a hip measurement more than one standard deviation greater than that of the average asian woman's (30")
Lets go to Flushing and check out some Yellow Tail.
by joe November 05, 2004
When someone thinks they are doing something "classy" that is clearly not classy, such as drinking Yellow Tail wine.
A hooiser walks into a five star restaurant but the jacket he put on doesn't have any sleeves. "That guy is so yellow tail."
by mikenmel November 23, 2010
To urinate into someone's ass while performing active anal sex.
"Oh baby, it felt so good when you yellowtailed me last night!"
by wandg August 27, 2005
When your having anal sex and someone pees in your asshole.
Girl: I was having a great time in bed until my boyfriend gave me a yellowtail.
by MeatyBuff69 July 03, 2016
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