A sexual act during which a male urinates into a female's mouth and then the female performs oral sex on the male with the urine still in her mouth.
Guy 1: Yo that chick wanted to kiss me after giving me a yellow submarine!

Guy 2: Ha! Only if you're a fan of your own piss and jizz soup!

Guy 1: Ha I know, right! Fuckin' sick slut!!
by zfrank January 23, 2011
Slang term for a mild pharmacutical stimulant capsule. Ionamine.
"Yar, we were wunderin' if ya' could
hep us owt with a couple of YELLOW SUBMARINES for ta' see the mornin' light."
by Craig Ball June 08, 2003
a joint
we smoked a yellow subamarine uesterday
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
When you take a long hard shit in the urinal.
Ideally leon wanted the yellow submarine to clog up the urinal and flood the entire school.
by Boss_Pimp March 16, 2008
A state of utter and total drunkeness that you enter when you drink any alcoholic beverage that is yellowish in color.
1. Shit, I just drank a whole case of Budweisers and now I'm riding in the yellow submarine!

2. Bunch of drunkards sitting together who've just had too many Buds:


"We all live in a yellow submarine!
A yellow submarine!!
A yellow submarine!!!"
by Mark H October 17, 2004
Peeing inside of a girl when you are having sex under water
Juliene immediately got her things and left after Jack gave her a yellow submarine
by Keaters January 24, 2009
when wearing a condom during sex, you piss in your condom and insert your "yellow submarine" into the females vagina
"Dude, i gave that chick from the club the yellow submarine last night man."

"Stan, you fat wizzard, thats sick! I'll have to try it sometime."
by Stanton "Big Stan" Brown March 01, 2008

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