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Obese Asian girl in a swimsuit
Man, that yellow submarine really should stay away from the pool
by I'mJustSayin... July 13, 2009
A song sung by the beetles
We all live in a yellow submarine....yellow submarine...yellow submarine
by J....H August 12, 2005
1. a kiddie song by the Beatles. Ever heard of them?

2. a cool animated cult classic movie based on the hit Beatles song. It's a funky mind-expanding trip. Show this at your party for a wild psychedelic ride.

3. a marijuana joint. A reefer.
1. in my elementary school in music class we sang many popular songs. "Yellow Submarine" was a favorite for us, another was "I Am Everyday People" by Sly and the Family Stone. We also did the Carpenters tune "Sing ... Sing a Song" (yeeecccchhh) and other crap.

2. We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine...

3. I was so strung out that I went to a festival on the lake and smoked a yellow submarine.
by Starpunk November 06, 2006
Similar to an Alaskan pipeline, its a sex act in which one urinates into a condom, freezes it, then uses the condom like a dildo
Charles: So Jenny wanted me to use a dildo on her last night but she couldn't find hers.

Hezekiah: Oh, really? So what did you do?

Charles: I made a yellow submarine and fucked her with it the next morning.
by Dr Bizzzaro October 13, 2011
When a guy sticks his dick in a girls ass and starts to piss while screaming "DOWN PERISCOPE!"
I went all captain Nemo on her ass last night and gave her my Yellow Submarine.
by donjuan13 February 24, 2014
A sexual act in which a man urinates on a tampon, then inserts it in his lovers orifice.
I gave her a Yellow Submarine last night, and she loved it.
by rageoutrecords February 18, 2014
when a dude put his penis in your butt and urinates while putting his penis in your butt....and yeah thats about it..

its not awesome.
"yeah man, i gave her a yellow submarine last night"
by Kara, Hannah and Jared December 05, 2013