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After you blow your load inside a chick's ass, you piss in her ass with your barnacle cock, and it lubes up clumps of shit and the clumps slide out like submarines into the yellow water.
"Holy shit Sam, did you hear about Nick and Heather last night? He drowned her gaping ass in his piss and made some yellow submarines.
by taint man 3000 June 07, 2009
12 37
A song sung by the beetles
We all live in a yellow submarine....yellow submarine...yellow submarine
by J....H August 12, 2005
200 81
1. a kiddie song by the Beatles. Ever heard of them?

2. a cool animated cult classic movie based on the hit Beatles song. It's a funky mind-expanding trip. Show this at your party for a wild psychedelic ride.

3. a marijuana joint. A reefer.
1. in my elementary school in music class we sang many popular songs. "Yellow Submarine" was a favorite for us, another was "I Am Everyday People" by Sly and the Family Stone. We also did the Carpenters tune "Sing ... Sing a Song" (yeeecccchhh) and other crap.

2. We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine...

3. I was so strung out that I went to a festival on the lake and smoked a yellow submarine.
by Starpunk November 06, 2006
133 48
Similar to an Alaskan pipeline, its a sex act in which one urinates into a condom, freezes it, then uses the condom like a dildo
Charles: So Jenny wanted me to use a dildo on her last night but she couldn't find hers.

Hezekiah: Oh, really? So what did you do?

Charles: I made a yellow submarine and fucked her with it the next morning.
by Dr Bizzzaro October 13, 2011
43 12
Obese Asian girl in a swimsuit
Man, that yellow submarine really should stay away from the pool
by I'mJustSayin... July 13, 2009
82 53
When a guy sticks his dick in a girls ass and starts to piss while screaming "DOWN PERISCOPE!"
I went all captain Nemo on her ass last night and gave her my Yellow Submarine.
by donjuan13 February 24, 2014
4 0
A sexual act in which a man urinates on a tampon, then inserts it in his lovers orifice.
I gave her a Yellow Submarine last night, and she loved it.
by rageoutrecords February 18, 2014
2 2
when a dude put his penis in your butt and urinates while putting his penis in your butt....and yeah thats about it..

its not awesome.
"yeah man, i gave her a yellow submarine last night"
by Kara, Hannah and Jared December 05, 2013
1 2