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When a guy sticks his dick in a womans pussy and pisses in her. When the presure builds up the piss shoots out all ober his ball creating a yellow fountain
I fucked your mum and gave her a yellow fountain
by Seelo69 May 10, 2010
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In Chinese mythology, the Yellow Fountain is the spring where the souls of the dead come to quench their thirst.
You stuck one foot in the entrance of the Yellow Fountain!
by jane86 January 31, 2010
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When one puts an oily hot dog up the urethra and tries to release urine. The painful result is urine scattering in all directions; hence a yellow fountain.
A: Did you hear about jesse last night?
B: No, what did she do?
A: I heard he got drunk and did a yellow fountain!
by UtikzBoss January 17, 2011
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when a man cums into your mouth and accidentally pees on you
"dude, i heard jasanna was giving colin head and he gave her the yellow fountain"
by queefolatro October 07, 2009
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