A person, male or female, that has a strong attraction towards Japanese/oriental people, wants to move to Japan just to look for a BF, comes up with japanese-ish online names, and tries to impress Japanese people with their three-word vocabulary. (i.e: Me.)
"Wow, that guy is reeeallly cuuute..." "Got yellow fever again?"
by Shatose October 19, 2003
A play on a tropical disease by the same name, it is a derogatory and contemptuous expression containing the words "yellow" (a derogatory, racist epithet) and "fever" (an excessive excitement or furor), used to describe non-Asians, usually white males, who date or marry Asians, usually Asian females and presumes some level of obsessiveness.

usage: As Asians typically make up a small portion of the general population, interracial relationships amongst asians have become increasingly common and have increasingly become the focus of racial intolerance. While at the same time tolerating or ignoring other relationship preferences, no matter how obsessive or demeaning (i.e. an excessive preference for tall men, muscular men, blonde women, large breasts), the expression focuses exclusively on asian/non-asian relationships and is often perpetuated by people with preconceived notions and/or single, resentful white women or single, resentful asian males.

Once illegal, miscegenation or race-mixing of any kind was often regarded as a sexual fetish or other sexual deviancy, and is now often considered the ultimate taboo amongst racial hate groups. Today, interracial relationships are accepted by most of the population and are legal in most parts of the word.
Guys with yellow fever only date Asian girls because they are all so submissive. After all, they are all flat chested, overly traditional, and only good at math.

What is that hot guy doing with that Asian girl. She is so much thinner than us and so youthful looking, I think all of these guys with yellow fever are closet pedophiles.

All of these guys with yellow fever are stealing our women.
by zyzxx August 19, 2013

A white man's preference or fetish for Asian women.
'yellow" refers to the supposed skin colour of Asians/
He has yellow fever so bad, he moved to China jungle fever
by Darey9 June 16, 2013
A disease and/or blessing that I, along with many other white men, are affected by. Yellow Fever is an extreme obsession with Asian women, mostly due to the fact that they are so freaking gorgeous! Yellow Fever cannot be ignored, cured, or overcome. There is no vaccine and hopefully there never will be.
I get Chinese food just to check out the waitresses. I think I have Yellow Fever.
by Lord Broseiden 92 April 29, 2011
You have an absolute fetish for Asian women, usually Japanese from watching to much anime and manga. The term was formed from a game on Steam called "Huniepop". Usually the only cure is to hook them up with an Asian girl.
Jeff has been watching to much of Thean1meman and I think he has yellow fever.
by DARK5 March 01, 2015
yellow fever- when a person of either gender that is not of aian descent is obsessed with asian people and culture.
(i.e-females, "manga", learning to speak japanese, a.k.a, yellow fever or reallll poser..what losers)and what pisses me off is sometimes they get the asian girl and i don't, and im asian!!!
"Oh that is soooo kawaii, you know, cute in japanese. Yup i'm taking japanese so i can talk to asians on the internet."

"Wow now you got yellow fever"
by chris.. July 23, 2006
When a black man ( mixed or not) has a passion for women with skin the same color or lighter than him. He'll ignore a Gabriel Union skinned chick for the Lauren London look alike at the bar.
Gina "I don't know why he wont call me back?"

Erica" Bitch, Trayce's got that yellow fever. You'll never win against a yellow bitch.

Gina: pouts

I was seriously once told by a man that dating yellow girls is more fun/dramatic because every man wants them.
by Sistah Souljah January 01, 2014

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