The wholesome (or not so wholesome, take you're pick) attraction to Asians.
Oh, and it's not a fever, it's a gift
Guy one: You've got yellow fever
Me: Yup
by SunWukong January 12, 2004
Something Douglas in Seattle has!
Jennifer: dang, ever since he was hooked with Ikumi, he has had yellow fever clearly prefering Asian girls over white girls!

Marsha: You can say that again!
by Wapanese Gazer March 30, 2005
1) Yellow fever is a disease found in tropical regions and is spread by mosquitoes. Symptoms include: fever, muscle pain, headache, shivers, loss of appetite, and nausea or vomiting. There is no cure for yellow fever, but prevention through a vaccination is possible.

2) When non-Asian guys have a strong preference or fetish for women of Asian descent. These men exclusively date Asian women. They also learn an Asian language and travel to Asian countries, attempting to find a wife. Like the real disease, there is no cure.
Boy 1: "I didn't realize she was Asian."
Boy 2: "What? Do you have something against Asians?"
(confused look, followed by a burst of laughter)
Girl 1: "Didn't you know? He has yellow fever."
(very concerned look on Boy 3's face)
When everyone stops laughing at Boy 3, he asks: "Wait... what's yellow fever?"
Boy 2: "Not yellow fever, like, the actual disease. Yellow fever, like, he really likes the Asians."
(lots of laughing... Boy 3 turning red and chuckling with realization)
Boy 3: "But isn't that a real disease? I think I just got vaccinated for that..."
(everyone laughing so hard they're crying...)
Boy 3: "Well, it's a good thing you told me that. I would have seen him in the hall and been like, 'Hey, I heard you had a bad case of yellow fever. Are you ok?' "
by CL09 November 30, 2007
Wanting to fuck every Asian guy you see. For most people it sets in during their college years when they meet an exponential surge of Asians and FOBS.
Yup, I'm a white girl who hates anime and sushi, and my mouth waters every time I see an Azn dude.

Note: I'm only referring to East Asians.
And this only applies to non-East Asian females~!

Also, girls with yellow-fever typically have East Asian majors.
Christina went to that Asian Frat house again for the third night in a row, I think she caught Yellow Fever.
by Kr1574 February 02, 2010
1. A case where a person (Female, Or Male) of different ethicity has interest in a person of Asian decent.

Oo did u see Wang Lee Hom, He is so sexy in his new CD

Linda Lee Cadwell had Yellow fever, she married Bruce Lee

YoYo ma has spread yellow fever with his music, he got him self a whitey
by In love with an Asian March 01, 2009
A mental condition often found in white males that is characterized by a ferocious apetite for girls of asian descent. Symptoms may include a fascination with Hello Kitty, japanime, Domo, Mr. Chu's Asian Beaver, Japanese culture and language.

In severe cases, an individual stricken with yellow fever can be referred to as a "Wapo", and may harbor a twisted interest in Asian inbreeding, which causes bow-leggedness. Some Wapos may date Mexican girls in between Asian girlfriends due to limited availability of FOBs in a given community. Wapos may also claim to be improving Asian standards of living by offering a larger penis size, which is usually an obvious lie.

Those with yellow fever also seem to unconsciously detect an Asian girl's prescence, generally within 10-15 meters, and refer to it as a "Code-Y" (comp. "Gaydar").
"Wow, Chris has a bad case of yellow fever. He's almost as bad as Mr. Chu."

"I'm not gonna lie; I've caught the yellow fever."
by Stu-Stu February 19, 2010
A dumb, white, thinks he can do martial arts, wannabe asian. Looks at anime 24/7, wants to have an asian girlfriend, has a hard on for the customs, and thinks that they can do Tai-Chi(but it is fake).
Jake Tedrick and the guy who tries to be your friend because you are asian.
by Jimmy Hoffa December 03, 2004
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