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Don't eat yellow snow, and don't watch yellow porn!
by DJ Conan December 04, 2003
8 25

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asian porn
asian porn, what else?
by Chatoney December 05, 2003
103 31
Pornographic content involving people of Asian descent.
I walked in on my friend jerking it while looking at yellow porn.
by teepee December 05, 2003
55 13
Asian porn
steingart is always watching yellow porn.
by llcoolbean December 04, 2003
40 16
What R. Kelly loves to watch. And make.
R. Kelly made some Yellow Porn with 8 year old girls.
by Wyatt b quiet December 04, 2003
26 19
Yellow porn is a form of pornography that involves urine. Yes, it is basically people pissing on each other for pleasure (money).
Yellow porn is disgusting, but recent studies say that it is only obscene if the piss-ee is enjoying it.
by suburbanite December 05, 2003
5 24
Porno that has to deal with pissing
Kei Matsuoka likes yellow porn.
by Chocobo December 04, 2003
10 29