When someone is sexually attracted to asians to an obsessive degree.
Lucy Liu is the hottest thing ever! Shut up carl, you've got yellow fever.
by natate Grande June 13, 2003
when a white boy wants to fuck lots of asian women
George got the yellow fever. His new girlfriend is from Chinatown.
by Da Nasty One June 13, 2003
A potentially fatal disease carried by bloodsucking insects such as mosquitos. Common in tropical areas.
The Panama Canal took several years to finish because most of the workers succumbed to yellow fever and other mosquito-borne illnesses.
by AYB April 06, 2003
One is said to have yellow fever if one finds himself most attracted to Asian or Asian-American women. Rightfully so because they are the most beautiful women on earth. Everyone should have yellow fever.
Yellow fever is not a crime.
by AznGrrl May 03, 2005
Girls have yellow fever too! Stop being egocentric, you chauvinistic weirdos.
"Oh my God, Ming Tsai is hot!"
"No, Jet Li is hot!"
"You are all wrong. Tony Jaa is the hottest!"
by BlarneyDood May 05, 2005
Slang term, used to mock non-asian people who are attracted to asian people. Usually of eastern descent - Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.

Signs that someone/you has/have yellow fever include:

1) Obsession over a person of asian descent.
2) A fascination with asian stuff, e.g. Japanese things, Anime, Chinese history, Asian languages, Her parent's takeaway...
3) Acting like a prat around asian people, because you've gone into mental meltdown.

Protip: Make use of the name 'Poon' for awesome puns.
1)Yellow fever sufferer: 'Ohmygod, that *asian person* is so damn cute, I have to ask her out. I feel so lonely without her...she can make me complete <3'

Concerned friend: 'Dude, you don't know her. Why the HELL are you so obsessed with her? Please, you're scaring me.'

2) Yellow fever sufferer: 'Ohmagawd, she/he is so kawaiii!!!!1 I want to glomp him! Do u think she/he'll be impressed by mai awsum japanese/mandarin/cantonese vocab? Huh?'

3) Yellow fever sufferer: 'Oh, hi, how are you today? I just thought I'd come up and study with you here...in the library...yeah...you know, I like hong kong. I hear your family is from hong kong. Oooh, can you speak canto? Can I hear you speak canto? You do know, your hair is lovely, it's so black and nice, and your eyes too, they are lovely, so exotic and...beautiful...what? No, don't be silly, I don't fancy you, do you think I'm obsessed with azns or summat? Huh? LOLOLOOLOLOLOLOL!'
by Fantonater May 05, 2007
usually associated with male caucasians who haven't yet been laid or haven't gotten up to any level sexually. guys who've been 'diagnosed' with yellow fever are always befriending asian girls, then asking them out after only a week of getting to know them. usually the guy can be extremely attractive, and the girl, unknown to the fact that he sweats her for only her ethnicity, will accept the relationship because he seems extremely nice.

actually, if the asian girl happens to be pretty traditional, you know, is really into the asian pride thing, speaks their parents' tongue, still has an accent, is kind of tacky, etc. they'll never get that the guy has yellow fever. because it's kind of hard to explain this disease to them...they're dumb. some of them.

now, if the asian girl was raised in america, and doesn't speak her parents' tongue, doesn't have an accent, but still respects her heritage and is just a normal member of the crew, BUT in some cases would be wrongly labeled as a twinky by really ignorant folk will soon realize his sickness once she goes to his myspace page and finds that he 'collects' asian girls across the globe, or sees his immaculate amount of asian friends at school. she'll then see that he has been disgustingly endowed with a horrible case of the disease.

*a list of the reasons WHY yellow fever guys are obsessed with asian chicks:
1. the well-spoken stereotype that all asian women are horny and sex-craving has the guy thinking that if he gets an asian girlfriend, they'll be groping 24/7. not true. ALL girls are like that.
2. the naive manner from traditional asian girls, examples: easy to persuade, easy to woo, shit like that. those guys will think it's going to be extremely easy to get her. and the div girls will make it easy. stupid. mostly not true. ALL girls are like that.
3. the exotic-ness of them. which is nice in a calm way, but then when they distort it and are like, woo! tanned skin, tight pussy, jet black hair, woo! ALL...uh...anyway...

BUT as with the usual ho-hum definitions of this term, it can also mean obsession with such things like, dance dance revolution, japanese media, anime, gaming, anything that is connected to the asian network.

okay. i'm done. to all the yellow fever dudes, a few words: get a life, lol.
(checks myspace...)
1: 'what the fuck!'
2: 'what?'
1: 'these fucking asian obsessed sick bastards, look! nothing but asian girls on his friends' list. i'm not a fucking trophy to be added to his fuckin' collection. and also, he's like fucking 40...'
2: 'yeah...annoying!'

asian girl 1 (really cocky, high-pitched voice, annoying accent): OMG. did i tell u?
asian girl 2 (normal): no, you didn't...what?
asian girl 1: i hav a new boyfrend!!!
asian girl 2: wow! congratulations! who's the lucky guy? :)
asian girl 1: do u kno mike?? from ur lunch??
asian girl 2: yep, i do! i thought you've never met him
asian girl 1: well lol, he came up 2 me in gym class...then we started flirting...then he finally asked me out like 4 dayz later!!
asian girl 2: aw! that's nice! well, i need to get to work
asian girl 1: okaii! ill talk 2 u later! muahzz!<3
asian girl 2: lol yep, bye

asian girl 2, thinking: oh god, she's another one of mike's fuckin' token yellow fever impulse girlfriends...
by hardworker September 30, 2006

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