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n. 1. A particular genus of feces, tan-yellow in color, and quite acidic. Not as dense as the average turd, yellow burnies tend to be brittle, and may separate during excretion. This causes the burning sensation to be experienced at its fullest, and the wipage to be at a maximum. Yellow burnies typically occur 1-3 hours after ingesting a combination of habanero peppers, corn bread, and bananas.
HUSBAND: Florence, we have a dinner party with the Marps tonight. Make sure you wear the blue--
WIFE: Richard, I don't think I'll be able to make it. I have a searing case of the yellow burnies.
HUSBAND: I feel your pain, honey. Let's just watch re-runs of 227 instead.
WIFE: You always want to watch 227! What about what I want!?!?
HUSBAND: What the hell are you talking about? We always watch freakin' Lifetime whenever we're at home together, and that channel drives me nuts!!! Put on 227 now or I'm going to eat our dog!
by Weekend at Burnies August 16, 2004
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