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It's kind of like the holocaust, but they are to cowardly(or "yellow") to actually kill the jews, so they just make fun of them from a car as they drive by doing 80.
My friend and I drove by the synagogue and committed a yellocaust.
by erik September 08, 2004

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Racist Remark, enis' enis, ussys ussy
"Man! They're racist! But that's some good lookin' enis and ussy!
by Kaven Grenade September 01, 2004
The killing of punk music by Yellowcard.
"I can't believe punk music these days." "I know, it all went downhill after the yellocaust."
by Robyn September 04, 2004
The effect a bright yellow house has on a neighborhood.
When living in a yellowcaust neighborhood giving directions are easy. E.g. "I live across the road from the insanely yellow house. You can't miss it."
by Fernando September 02, 2004
Listening to the entire discography of Swiss techno outfit for 3 days straight.
I was at Mark's house this weekend... it was a yellocaust.. the only thing in the iPod was Yello...especially _Oh Yeah_
by Stress September 09, 2004
yellocaust is the term given to the holocaust of the asian people in america. That holocaust being conducted by the video gaming industry, computers and gangs.
Man, that yellocaust is really messin' up Garden Grove yo!
by Steve September 08, 2004
yello-caust - someone of asian descent causing something
That damn yellocaust me my job.
by Mean Gene September 05, 2004
A horrible coincidence/trend in which a large fraction of a school/workplace's population wears yellow on the same day.
Man, we had a major yellocaust today at work.
by John September 08, 2004