How they say 'yellow' in the southern states of America.
Red orange yella, green and blue, indigo an' violet too.
by Gravyboy June 13, 2004
World famous rapper from NWA(Nigg*z with attitude) was apparently called yella because of his hispanic background
dude#1: Hey look its yella from NWA
by Sahil June 29, 2005
term used to descibe someone of a medium or light brown complexion
Tom is the yella boy over there.
by cassed December 29, 2005
A man of great kindness and patience. It is said that a Yella can put with endless amounts of annoying bitches in his live. A Yella also might be a pimp of great abilities. He likely has a penis of epic proportions.
Yella is a male version of Mother Teresa!
by JesusChristPose February 03, 2007
Like nigga, yella is a slang term, although instead it refers to someone from the East, such as China, Korea or Japan.

Related: nigga, nigger
Racist nigga: Ha! Look at that yella from Asia.
Yella: You can talk you filthy nigga!
by thepaintedman January 09, 2008

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