a bunch of rednecks
ay, look at all dem yeehaws over there
by chillikeaicecube May 26, 2009
An exclaimation which tells other you are having fun.
Yee haw!!!
by Andrea M. P. April 01, 2004
a mixed drink that includes: 1 oz. vodka & 5 oz. Yoohoo
I was a great night, and it started off with a couple Yee-Haws.
by ilkyman March 09, 2011
A term now used to tag any type of "country person",cowboy,cowgirl, or (yes even a ) racist white person
Those Yee Haws always hang out at Rollie's!

If your black don't go to that bar.... a bunch of YeeHaws hang out there.
by WhodiBrown March 30, 2012
Shout to encourage 'dogies' (cattle) to get moving. Used in many early cowboy movies.
Move 'em out, yee haw
by tatsahdasaygo April 11, 2004
A jerk, asshole, suspicious roustabout, a no-good, dumb ass, spacy low IQ or some other similar form of lowlife prancing about a small town with nothing better to do.
Some Yee-Haw just gave a cold today on his way to do nothing.
by Babbette January 09, 2012
a strange, unexpected screech made after a Democratic primary or caucus
"After an upsetting third place at the Iowa caucus, Howard Dean made an unforgettable yee haw that was played around 700 times on CNN within the next 24 hours."
by Stacy April 10, 2004

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