Hebrew for "heart's ease"
Her harp-playing sets me at yeda.
by KCL84 April 12, 2009
Top Definition
Hindi/Indian slang for insane, mad, retarded etc.

Note: This is predominantly used in Bombay(Mumbai) and people from most other states are oblivious to its meaning.
That jimmy foo can only be classified as a yeda.
by badassfreakygangbanga April 28, 2004
Yeda is a absolutely stunning girl with an amazing personality, an incredible body, breath taking eyes, and perfect smile. Shes so funny and always there for you. She is unknown to how beautiful she is. Any guy would be so unbelievably lucky to ever have her in his life. Shes kind, helpful, friendly and lovable. She not only is helpful but she is genuinely caring about everyone. Shes absolutely amazing. She'll be your best friend. Hold on to her in your life if you find one. She sometimes have trouble letting go of things that really meant a lot to her. She has the most beautiful Brown eyes that you never want to look away from and brown hair that is supper long but so gorgeous!
guy: have you seen yeda?

guy2: dude yeah, shes incredibly amazing!

guy: na dude, shes not.


guy: shes breath taking. Any guy would be so lucky to have her.
by Truefact November 27, 2013

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