A commonly used Football phrase, as in to score a 'Yeboah', this is when the ball hits the underside of the crossbar and goes in the goal.

Named after the former Leeds striker Tony Yeboah whom scored two such goals in the mid nineties.
I scored a well good Yeboah the other day
by TedG123 January 05, 2012
Top Definition
A yeboah is a footballing term. It is the term given to a goal that is scored via the underside of the cross-bar, particularly powerful strikes. It comes from the goals of Tony Yeboah, Ghanaian footballer who was famous for scoring spectacular goals when at Leeds Utd FC, especially a goal against Wimbledon, that was voted goal of the season, and a goal against Liverpool. Both hit the bar at a great speed before going in.
"Did you see me score that Yeboah? What a goal"
by footballnutterv September 17, 2009
A person of African Origin
Boothy :Whos that small yeboah Deveney?

Deveney : Oh, its Winston from number 30
by Boothy March 05, 2004
To hit the bar fast.
I walked into the club and heat was intense, my throat was so dry, I yeboahed and downed 2 pints in succesion.
by Dazzy August 09, 2003
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