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it is when you mistakenly put the wrong year on when you writing down the current date, this mistake is commonly occur 1 to 3 months after new year.

when you still can't move on from last year events and happenings.
John: Dude! i can't believe that instructor give a points for the date today on the test..

Paul: man! i got minus wrong with it instead of January 15 this year i wrote down January 15 last years year.

John: well that's a serious year hangover.


Chasey : ohhh.. last year was so great..

Marie: like hell yeah.. lots of parties and hunky boys..

Chasey: ohh yeah.. like that one guy i meet at last year party.. soo hot..

Marie: ohh my gosh. you are still in a year hangover him?
by cheese902102 February 06, 2014
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