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A girl with a severe cameltoe.

Joe: Hey whats up with that ride?
Jane: whatcha talkin bout?
Joe: Im talkin bout that cameltoe
Jane: oh me just pulling a Yazmin
by David Naranjo January 20, 2008
80 187
sweet sexy and crazy
by Yazmin October 26, 2003
302 87
the most amazing friend you could ever have!!! but dont fuck with her or she become your worse, always happy always postive and makes perfect sense always helping and always up for a wreck!! to be friends with yazmin is to be very Privilege!! she will not let you down!!
hey yazmin wanna get wrecked

yeah sound as mate
by eptastic February 04, 2010
191 68
a gal nice enough to do anything - even steal ur man :p
by Priya x x x September 12, 2003
215 113
awesome, funny, cool, my bestest friend.
oh and your mom.
Yazmin is cool!
by melinda January 15, 2004
218 125
a friend yuh need! She is sexy, funny, crazy, fob and very loud. She is a very sporty and athletic person who is loves having a go @ things either winning or lossing... Yuh better not mess wif her or her fam bam or friends as she'll hurt yuh! If yuh don't hav a friend Yazmin, well yuhr missing out on hpz <3
guy 1- who is dat sexy, fob chick?
guy 2 - that's probs a Yazmin
by One Direction Baabiiee January 05, 2012
76 32