a word thats supposed to be spelled llelo but looks cooler spelled as yayo. im not exactly sure of the origin, but it was made popular in scarface. tony yayo gives credit to that too if you listened to 8 mile remix by g-unit
tony: chichi, chichi! get the yayo

omar: you still got the money? tony: yeah, and i got llelo

corrupt cop: so tony, the word on the streets is your bringing in a lot of llelo, that means your not a small timer anymore
by goul November 01, 2005
A fat girl. Comes from Tony Yayo from G-unit because he likes Fat girls. In the song "Fat Chicks" by G-unit
Oh you see that girl over there She is a Yayo.
by Sierra March 01, 2005
Anything that is to ones disliking."Yayo" is more so of an expression or saying such as "ill", "oh no","oh my god".
An ugly person, a lie, adis are all yayo.
* Everything I dislike is yayo. Sounds like but no dislike to Yayo..Tony Yayo that is from G-Unit.
Usage In A Everyday Conversation:
person1:"He said he liked you."
person2:"Oh no, yayo! I can't stand him."
by Makne February 14, 2005
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