This word became popular after rapper E40 made a song about it. now i cant say he started using it first, but he had a popular song around 97 called "slangin yayo".

it is true that it first appeared in scarface, but i never saw people writing "yayo" before e40.

he is from the san fransisco bay area and sometimes the "east bay" is reffered to san yay. anyway, getting back on point yayo means cocaine.
i hope i dont go back to slangin yayo-slangin what-- yayo-- to get my mayo.

mayo = money
by mooseboy84 August 12, 2004
The San Francisco Bay area
"Shi', tha' foo' drove all the way 'cross the Yayo from Valley-Jo to Lower Bottom for some krunkin'..."
by LeRoy January 12, 2004
cocaine you duche bag if you werent aware
As Jasper left for school to get a good education, he snatched some YAYO into his trousers to share with his good pal Horase after school.

Once Beatrice finished her needlepoint, she tried some yayo.

Old uncle fester left his yayo at the premises of the learning facility.
by Meredith Ann O'neil December 14, 2003
slang for coke, used commonly by dealers. some fuckers think they're cool cause they use the word yayo instead of coke...but they aren't
don't listen to becky she's been shortin the lines of the sweet sweet yayo
by my word is law May 29, 2006
The gay way of spelling Tony Montana'z favorite word 4 coke
"Yo man, take manolo n pick up the yayo
by larry July 06, 2003
A Big Girl. Came from the rapper of G-unit Tony yayo because he likes big girls. From the song "Fat Chicks" by G-unit.
That girl right there is a "yayo"
by Sierra March 01, 2005
The word meaning 'Mother' in Swahili.
I'm going back home in 2 weeks to visit my yayo.
by lilshizzy July 19, 2004

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