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(interj.) said when expressing happiness!
i got a 100 on my test. YAYNESS!
by jonny December 03, 2002
The level of yay in a person, place or situation.
Great happiness= high yayness
Sadness= low yayness
by Brian February 23, 2004
when something really really good has happened, instead of saying yay, you say Yayness
Brian: I'm going to a Greenday concert this Saturday!
Karen: Yayness!
by Oscar the Grouch March 10, 2008
showing expressions of great happyness followed by a long list of exclamation marks. usually yelled by some freak who is over excited about something...i.e. what i do, a lot!!!!
omg yayness!!!!!!!!!!
thats sooo yayness!!!!!!!!!
by FreAkneSS February 24, 2005
Its an expression of joy
person #1: Dude! you just won that game!

Person #2: yayness!! that was a good one
by Dudishdude August 29, 2006
An expression in which the speaker is expressing an exasperated height of excitement.
"I shall see you in the morning!" "Yayness!"; "We leave for the cruise in 2 weeks! Yayness!"
by Booism July 28, 2009
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