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1.) used to describe anything bright/colorful

2.) a comment used when trying to find the words to describe something that is either literally homosexual, or very close to it

3.) a one-word phrase used when something is said unintentionally kinky in a homosexual way
"It's yaygay day! Wear as many different bright and obnoxious colors at once as you can!"

"Roses are red, violets are fine, you be the six, and I'll be the nine."
"that's a yaygay."

Kate: "Ugh, I think Brittany gave me her cold last night."
Mark: "Yaygay."
by snowbelle45 November 28, 2010
Response to a statement that can be described as equal parts positive and negative; something that's good, but also sucks.
Statement: "I got the mini DVI to HDMI. Looks fucking amazing, but there's no audio."

Response: "yaygay"
by lewponz July 30, 2009

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