Somebody on an instant messaging program who always puts their status as "Away" so that they can choose who they want to talk to and ignore everybody else.
Tony: Hey, friend, I think it's about time I talked to you about important and relevant subjects for an extended period of time!

Yawa: I'm away from my computer right now even though I'm totally really here, just ignoring you.

Tony: *blocked*
by meevsdagr8er April 26, 2008
Top Definition
A person who uses the "away" "busy" or "brb"-status in Instant messaging-programmes when they're online to choose who to talk to.
Person: Your such a yawa, your always away even though you're online!
by kojkadd June 16, 2006
Yawa means many words in english. Like
and every word you can imagine

It can also be used in every sentence like the word FUCK
Yawa ka! (You Devil!)
(Fuck You!)
Bakakon kang Yawaa ka! (You Fucking liar!)

Yawa kaayo tong kagahapon bai. (Yesterday was so fucking awesome).

by YawaPuta October 15, 2007
People who are pretending to be "AWAY" on chats, instant messaging, and so on, when they are not actually "away".

Created by thewinekone on his video on youtube "Instant Messaging programs".
Man #1: Hey, how are you?
Man #2: It says you're away...
Man #1: Yeah, I only want to talk to you and not anyone else because I'm rude.
Man #2: Ah, of course. Yawas.
by Untouched December 29, 2008 flop a something. be embarassed
leave this boy alone he is too yawa.

the move do yawa
by esterloca December 31, 2009
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