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A hunting alien species based on the comics and fox series of the famous movie predator and predator 2 (Danny Glover/Arnold Schwarzenegger). Every "Yautja" comes in different classes

Unblooded Yautja:never did a hunt
Young blood Yautja: still does its first hunts
Blooded yautja: a warrior
Elder yautja: a leader warrior
Bad Blood Yautja:a criminal predator
"the yautja were the feircest warriors in the universe they were the predator's of our time"
by Apostolos August 31, 2005
An alien species also known as Predator
As seen in the movies: Predator and Predator 2 (and the upcoming Aliens vs Predator)
by Luke ii November 12, 2003
Nomadic Hunters, That Hunt whatever they feel like,

They do have rules though, They only hunt what is capable of harming them, Or it deems worthy under it's own circumstances

So far, there have only been two Predator actors
Kevin Peter Hall(Predator 1 and 2)
Ian Whyte(Alien Versus Predator, and Alien Verus Predator: Requiem)

(In Predator 2, the Hunter Refused to Kill Leona because she was pregnant, and refused to Kill Charles in AVP because of his Asthma, but soon after, shanked him for setting him on fire.)
Yautja has never been mentioned in a movie.
by Larry F. Malarkey October 13, 2007
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