a female, coward
Chris you are such a yatty
by kunal April 29, 2003
Top Definition
an attractive female
theres gonna be nuff yatty at this bashment
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
a yatty is a girl or women
got one of those buff yattys with me blud
by charley-x November 12, 2007
Smoking weed through a small metal tube placed in a bottle with water. With a cut piece of cigarette as stopper and pot packed on top.
Marvin: Hey wanna pop some yatties?
Bill: sure do!
by Kley September 12, 2006
1 : Large breasts begging to get sucked.
2 : A fat set of tits ready for a firm grip.
3 : A physical phenomenon found on a chick that must, be boned.
"Show us your fucking yatties!!!!"
"Check out the set of yatties on that skeezer!"
by Yatties October 31, 2014
a nice ass (on a girl)
Bo: "Look at that YATTY!"
by a. willlick September 25, 2008
A verb derived from the word Yat, meaning someone from New Orleans. Yatty means a very New Orleanian-type person, usually derogatory in use.
Similar to "fratty" used to describe a frat boy.
I don't like that guy, he's very yatty.
by some texan September 09, 2009

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