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To be ripped off, or to be cheated.

To be wrongfully penalized by an unfair higher power.

Similar to Mad Chops, spopped, jew trap as well as Teddy Bruckshut ; must be spelled with SS for that extra S sound
Man, that gypsy just yassered your goat, snickered the man to his neighbor as the caravan drove away.

The king yassered a clumsy jester to the grin at the lid for his poor performance.

The boy felt yassered as the teacher handed back the book reports.
by Useless Chavez November 21, 2005
To be unfairly treated with no sympathy from anyone.
Check out that mark, you just got YASSERED!

You are going to get yassered tomorrow on the assignment.
by Joe Chap November 21, 2005
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