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One of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. He may be Arab, but his name literally means 'The Heart'. Most of the time it may seem like he might not know what he's doing, but in any situation you can always put your trust in him. He can always make you laugh and bring a smile to your face.
Hey ru feeling alright?

Yea The other day I was talking to Yaseen

You mean that weird Arab guy?? Did he even understand you??

I'm not sure, but he's funny and he makes me feel better
by Bitter Grace February 15, 2014
Meaning 'The Guy With The Largest Penis Ever'
Standard Conversation:
Girl: Have you seen That Yaseen Guy?
Girl 2: Yeah his Penis is huge!
by AnonymousMuslim123 February 26, 2014
A word describing an Arab that is a Jew
Do yaseens celebrate bar mitzvahs?
by KDawgAtsu January 30, 2008
a term for an african american tribe in afghanistan.
did you hear that yaseen scream "ALALALA"?!
by JANIQUA! February 01, 2008
Derogitory term for a gay indian man
Damn, that towel head is a yaseen, just look at him!
by connor bunting January 30, 2007

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