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(when pronounced: nasa, but replace 'n' with 'y' as in 'young') acronym for 'you are so acronym-heavy'; used to describe someone on instant messenger or a game who's a complete n00b that constantly uses acronyms.

- funny thing is to have 'yasah' be an acronym for a definition against using too many acronyms. ha.
rjxhun: wow, lmao, thats so funny!
Dawg_luvr2: ya ya lmao, lollll im ttly rofl atm!!
xXxPinkXx34: wow, yasah.
Dawg_luvr2: yasah? wtf duz that m33n, grl??
xXxPinkXx34: thankyou for proving my point.
rjxhun: haha. that's great.
Dawg_luvr2: ima luk it up on UD!!11!!1!!
xXxPinkXx34: you do that.
Dawg_luvr2: u lzrzzzz!
rjxhun: XD
by junjuns dictionary April 01, 2009
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